The program is dedicated to the development of the child, from the first day of contact on the street until the day the child has graduated into society. We believe that only prayer and the grace of God can change the hearts of these children. Along with prayer, this challenging journey has been broken down into four steps, as discussed below:

”The Lost Sheep” (Outreach)

Social workers and staff make contact with children on the streets or in the slums and invite them to our center. Children can also be referred to RAHA Kids by the children’s department, local police, or the community.

”Be renewed” (Rehabilitation)

The staff works enthusiastically in the areas of counseling,education, discipline and developing the child’s self esteem;essentially to restore social & emotional health to the child to be able to successfully operate in school, work, family and society at large.

”Plans to Prosper”(Long-term Care)

Our staff explores a custom solution for each child. For some children, reintegration into their family or extended family may be the solution. For others, it may be a foster family or boarding school. For others still, learning a trade may be the most suitable path.

”A Future & A hope “(Reintegration)

By the end of process, children should be equipped with the skills they need in order to return to life outside of RAHA Kids. We help them establish themselves economically, socially, and spiritually, thus preparing them for a bright & hopeful future.

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