We hope and pray that this finds you well. As the Raha family we would like to thank you for your continuous support and love towards the children at Raha. Indeed you have been part of The Body of Christ by committing to serve these little ones. Our prayer is that we will seek to identify with their struggles in this life, as we are guided by God’s love in protecting, educating, caring for and transforming their lives. By so doing we will all have touched lives and helped in shaping future servants.

It is in the same spirit that we have worked to see that the needs of Raha children are met and basic needs availed every single day despite the limited resources available. We have witnessed many incidences of God’s provision where we have reached a rock-bottom only for us to remain with smiles and tears on our faces as we marvel at His blessings of love and care upon His children.  In this regard it’s therefore our pleasure to offer you an opportunity of being one of us as we all witness lives being transformed.

We have thought of an idea that we would love to make you part of this beautiful journey of helping the boys transform their lives and become products of God’s doings and them becoming of great help in their families.

This model is based on networking and joining hands as we work towards positively impacting the lives of our future generation. You can therefore become “Friends of Raha” by working with us in the following ways:

1.Form groups in different countries called the FRIENDS OF RAHA. Each group will have a leader for organizational and communication purposes. These groups will adopt a “tell a friend to tell a friend’ approach as they share about Raha Kids with other people in their circles. They can discuss ways in which they can support Raha in prayers, donations of whatever kind and fundraising activities/events.

2.Facilitate volunteering opportunities for friends of Raha. This will offer the volunteers a first-hand experience of what it means to work and spend time with the needy and vulnerable children that we work with. The volunteers will then share their experiences with everybody in their groups. The group leaders will organize and plan with the Raha administration the volunteers’ schedule. This will also be an opportunity to send whatever donation the group may have or individuals from the group through the volunteer(s)

3.Develop group chats platforms; one for the group leaders and another one for all friends of Raha to always share their experiences and ideas.

4.To make it easy for all friends to support Raha in different capacities from wherever they are without necessarily having to travel. We understand that many of the friends have tight schedules and sometimes are not able to leave work and other commitments. We are therefore more than willing to set up skype sessions for those who would like to speak to the kids and offer a word of hope and even pray with them.

We hope and pray that together we can impact the lives of the many children that are needy and vulnerable as a way of extending the blessings that God has freely and graciously bestowed on us.

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