Raha kids is a rehabilitation and reintegration program for street children and OVCs (a program of the coptic Orthodox Church).

Raha Kids is working hard to restore the physical, emotional and spiritual health of these children living on the streets who have been orphaned, abandoned, neglected, abused or otherwise exploited. We deal with each child according to his own needs and circumstances, and devise a personal solution that can work for each child. RAHA endeavors to nurture in each child an environment of love, security, productivity, social maturity and above all an assurance that God loves them.

Our Approach 

Many  children we receive at the daytime drop-in center are very willing and ready to change. But since they still spend their nights on the streets, they are often discouraged by the horror and abuse they face there. As such, we believe that if RAHA Kids is to succeed in the rehabilitation and reintegration of street children, a triple-faceted approach is critical:

  1. RAHA Kids Daytime Drop-in Center: For Rehabilitation, food, hygiene, behavioral changes, non-formal education, counseling, medical care and recreation.
  2. RAHA Kids Rescue Center: Where select children will spend the night after their day at the drop-in center until a permanent solution is found, to optimize the rehabilitation process.
  3. RAHA Children’s Home:  It serves as a long-term home for children, and caters to their special needs. Children live here until they are old enough, mature enough, and equipped enough to provide and support themselves and even start their own family.

Rehabilitation & Reintegration Program for street kids & OVCs