Christian Union Club:

We’re dedicated to following Jesus Christ, sharing that with others and making solid friendships. We believe that Jesus is Good News; by trusting him we are given: a relationship with God; forgiveness for our sins; and a new life with which to serve God

Club Aim

The overall concern of the CU shall be to glorify God by encouraging members, under the enablement of the Holy Spirit and in obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ, to demonstrate Christian love. Therefore the objectives shall be:
To bear witness in Raha kids center to the Lord Jesus Christ and to seek to lead others to a personal faith in Him as Saviour and Lord.
To deepen and strengthen the spiritual lives of members and others by prayer and the study of the Bible.
To encourage Christian students to explore and to demonstrate to the center the relevance of the Christian faith to every area of private life and public concern.
To stimulate an informed and active interest in the work of God’s people throughout the world, and to challenge all members to consider the implications of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for their vocations.
To uphold the fundamental truths of the Christian faith as contained in the Bible.

Environment Club:

Eco clubs in our center empowers students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. It is a forum through which students can reach out to influence, engage their friends and neighborhood communities to promotesound environmental behavior.

Scouts Club:

Our scouts team is registered under “Kenya Scouts Association” . Its objective is the development of young people into responsible, active citizens, who will positively contribute towards societal progress. They will be:

Men of character and integrity: Responsible and self-reliant, constant and true to their word, able to build their family on love; aware of their own dignity and that of others, able to share with everybody joyfully and affectionately.

Agents of Development: Ready to serve others, involved in their Community, defenders and respecters of other people’s rights, pledged to democracy and committed to development, lovers of justice and promoters of peace.

Creative Persons: Keen to leave the world a better place than they found it and able to strive for the integrity of the natural world.

Spiritual People: Free from hunger to possess a transcendental sense of life, able to open their hearts to God and live their faith joyfully and make it part of our daily life.

Acrobatic team:

Raha kids acrobatic team has been awarded the best acrobatics troupe at the Nairobi international trade fair 2017.

Art Club:

The Art Club is a place for practicing artists to hone in on their skills, develop their techniques and portfolios, collaborate with other artists like themselves, create bonds with the community through the arts, and learn how to work together through group projects that will beautify the school and community.

Depate Club:

This club assists students in developing strong research, writing, and public speaking skills. Debate Club provides an opportunity for students to develop higher level thinking skills by critically analyzing foreign, domestic, and school issues that are contemporary to daily life.

Problem Solving Club:

Early childhood settings—where children interact with one another and participate in decision making—offer countless opportunities for children to grow in their problem-solving abilities

Children use problem-solving skills on a constant basis – when they experiment and investigate, when they select materials, and when they try to work together: “How far will that water squirt?” “Where is that sound coming from?” “What do you think will happen if we add one more block?” We often divide children’s learning into emotional, social, creative, cognitive, and physical. But watching children as they go about their day reveals that problem solving encompasses all of these areas of development.

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